Spark Medical

Where every second counts and every patient matters

Our Vision

“Where every second counts and every patient matters”.
Our Vision and Values guide our thinking and actions they set out the ‘way we do things’.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the right patient care, in the right place, through a skilled and committed workforce in partnership with our NHS.

Our People

Our people are exceptional. They have proudly been there for our communities despite the unpredictable and challenging conditions they’ve faced. They are resilient and have quickly adapted to new ways of working to provide help when people need us most.

Our Future

With exciting times ahead, each of our team members are the future Spark Medical. We are continuing to grow and are expanding across the North, improving our position within the market whilst retaining our focus on both Training and Emergency Medical Services. Here at Spark Medical, every single member of the team is committed to providing the best possible service.

We guarantee you will never find another provider who is as innovative, attentive, and imaginative as #TeamSparkMedical!

Our Services