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Introducing OneResponse

Dedalus’ award-winning mobile EPR for ambulance services in the UK

Spark Medical Limited have recently launched ‘OneResponse’ (22nd April 2024), with specific requirements to support both our Event Medical Services and also our Ambulance Operations with interoperability with our external stakeholders North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and the wider Hospital Network across the NWAS geographical footprint.

The OneResponse Management System provides the user with a portal to view and analyse collected incident report information. It is available to the hospitals and other receiving locations to view the relevant information about the patients that are inbound in ambulances, as well as see those patient’s clinical records in real-time. 

This means emergency department staff are aware of a patient’s condition and status before arrival into the department. The patient incident report is stored locally in real-time to the paramedic’s device and synchronised to a cloud platform for secure storage when a connection is available. 

The OneResponse Emergency Care Solution is built upon Microsoft Azure’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud technology and takes advantage of Microsoft mobile sync libraries which are ideally suited to the Ambulance service. By capturing data in real time, OneResponse can be used by users to review incidents post event and to learn from them for continuous improvement purposes. OneResponse also supports real-time clinical audit.

OneResponse is Dedalus’ mobile EPR for ambulance services. The OneResponse Mobile Application provides the clinican with a simple, secure, and reliable solution to allow them to complete a patient report at the site of an incident.

When Spark Medical Limited signed a 5-year contract with Dedalus, it was vital for us to ensure the seamless integration of this system across all our deployments, spanning both frontline ambulance services and events.

We believe that this innovation will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care, allowing our dedicated staff to access vital information swiftly and make informed decisions in real-time. The flexibility and adaptability of OneResponse are poised to revolutionize the way we deliver care in diverse settings, ensuring a consistent standard of service quality throughout.

We are excited about the potential impact of OneResponse and look forward to the positive changes it will bring to our operations.

North West Ambulance service who cover the largest geographic region in the UK, servicing more than seven million people across approximately 5,400 square miles and west live with OneResponse Mobile Electronic Patient Record 4 years ago

Since go live

  • OneResponse has captured almost 3 million Patient Records
  • OneResponse create almost 3,000 records per day in the solution.
  • OneResponse has recently rolled out onto over 4,000 iPads
  • OneResponse has 4053 Mobile users
  • The OneResponse management app is used at 106 Receiving Locations
  • 19,818 Receiving Locations users
  • 9 Coroners Office (We auto-send the Diagnosis of Death information as part of police handover)